Footwear Fashions For The Coming Year

From a quick glance at the catwalks, it would seem that womens footwear is increasingly adopting styles that were traditionally considered the exclusive preserve of the male sex, such as worker boots and Oxford brogues. So what can men wear now?

In 2010, it looks like there are going to be two narrow toe shapes dominating male footwear fashion, namely apron toes and bicycle toes. Apron toes have a seam that goes up the side, across the front, and down the other side, and as their name would suggest, this makes an apron like shape.

A shoe featuring a bicycle toe has two seams running down both sides of the front of the shoe, running down to the sole at the front of the shoe. These are expected to be very big in 2010.

Generally speaking, apron toes tend to make your feet look smaller, whereas bicycle toes tend to make your feet look bigger, so if you have big feet, you might want to look for an apron toe, but if you have smaller feet, then a bicycle toe might be the thing.

Post war travel has been the overriding theme of the 2010 catwalk, and this reflected in a lot of the shoe designs currently doing the rounds in the more fashionable shoe shops.

One shoe that encapsulates all the drama and adventure of the post war travel aesthetic is the espadrille, which is basically a lightweight shoe with a rope sole and a canvas top. Originally intended for hillwalking in the Pyrenees, these breathable and stylish shoes are expected to be a big hit this summer.

If you want a shoe to go with this seasons tailored suits, then you might want to get hold of a pair of patent leather shoes. These shiny marvels look great in black, but can also look striking with a coloured or metallic finish.

The tennis shoe fits perfectly with the seasons travel theme and their classic design means that they match a range of classic outfits too. Wear them casually with rolled up jeans or chinos and look out for this seasons twist on the classic design – bold colours and gloss finishes.

Tips In Buying Designer Shoes

Besides bags and purses, shoes are items that women cannot have enough of. In fact, a woman cannot have too many pairs of shoes. Some even have a pair in each color for every outfit. Others who can afford to spend so much have a specific pair for every outfit that they have. Celebrities even have one for every outfit that they have worn on the red carpet of awards nights and premieres.

But for people who can only afford to purchase a couple of pairs that they will be wearing for most of the outfits in their closets, they will have to choose pairs that are versatile and at the same time stylish enough not to be considered out of mode.

Below are some tips in choosing shoes that look like designer shoes but have no designer prices.

Choose leather

Although buying real leather can be more expensive than buying synthetic leather, the cost will be much cheaper in the long run because leather is more long lasting. You can actually use a pair of leather shoes for a long long time. Just make sure that you store them properly, in areas where it will not be moistened as real leather can become home to molds.

Choose the classic

You don?t have to buy Ferragamo or Jimmy Choo to look good. There are designs that will look just as expensive without being really costly. Because you cannot really buy every design in the store, just choose classic designs that will fit your wardrobe.

Choose the fit

Designer shoes may look designer on the shelves but when you wear them, the shoes are not as great looking anymore. There are pairs like these. This does not mean that the design is not beautiful, the cut and the style just does not fit the structure and form of your feet.

Remember that like body types and face shapes, there are cuts and styles that will fit your feet. Choose the design that does not only look classy but also the one that will make your feet look like a million bucks.

Choose the material

Shoes need not be designer especially when you are going to wear them in rough streets and pavements. Remember that designer shoes may have delicate designs such as glass heels and bead works that may not withstand a walk downtown. When buying shoes, make sure that the material and the kind of design will fit your lifestyle and work.

Handmade Leather Sandals – Beautiful And Comfortable For The Whole Year

If you’ve only worn sandals you bought from a major discounter, you are missing out on the beauty and comfort of handmade leather sandals. I wear my sandals year-round with pride. I get the occasional odd glance, but if you’ve worn handmade sandals yourself I think you’d understand.
I hated wearing mass produced sandals because I developed sores from them and they made my skin itchy anyplace they touched them. I swore never to wear sandals again after one really bad blister. I thought all sandals must be painful, so I just quit wearing them.
My best friend used to kid around with me, mocking my dislike of sandals. She insisted that I should put on a pair of custom leather sandals like hers, because their great quality would make me want to wear them forever. I didn’t believe her, because the memory of my bad experience was too fresh in my mind.
So, imagine my surprise when for my birthday she bought me my own pair of handmade leather sandals. I was speechless — and a bit irritated, if I were to be honest. But she was not to be refused. She insisted that once I put them on, no one was going to be getting them back off of me again. To appease her, I dutifully tried them on.
She laughed when she saw my face, she could see that I was hooked. I never knew that sandals could be as comfortable as these. I don’t think I would be exaggerating if I said that I felt more barefoot with the sandals on, than I did when I was actually barefoot.
If you are one of the lucky ones to have a spring birthday, handmade leather sandals are the best gift to receive. Enjoy them through the spring and summer. You will be tempted to wear them in the winter because you love them so much. Go ahead and pack them away during the winter, because sandals usually are not worn in the winter.
My friend thankfully assisted me yet again. She revealed to me that her sandals were worn all winter without being uncomfortable. At first I felt weird by not packing my sandals away and tried to wear them only on pleasant, springlike days. I soon found myself missing my sandals, though, and trying them out as the days got progressively colder. Now I always have comfortable feet because I always wear my sandals, no matter what season it is.